transforming lives through solar lighting

''We are like tenant farmers chopping down the fence around our house for fuel when we should be using Natures inexhaustible sources of energy like sun, wind and tide. I would put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don't have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.''
Thomas Edison

kukula “Kukula” is a local “chewa” name commonly used in Malawi, Zambia and part of Mozambique. It means “Growth” and we are inspired every day to grow our network of offices and change leaders we train everyday to be leaders in their own communities and countries. Our local team is inspired by our hard working foot soldiers who help transition families from dirty sources of energy to a more cleaner and healthier.

Our Products

We have always believed that people at the base of the pyramid deserve high quality warranted, a well structured payment plan, life changing products to enable them save time , money and also improve their health. Its for this reason we partner with manufactures that meet the World Bank Lighting Global certification for quality products and offer warranty for their products. This is a condition for all the products Kukula Solar deploys to our last mile communities househ


For the last 5 years Kukula Solar has tracked the following impact:
1. Employment: 35 Full time employees working to create a better future for all
2. Part-time Staff: 205 Part time staff trained and empowered to be change leaders
in their communities
3. Savings: $53 Million in communities
4. Emission Avoided: 2 Million tons of GHG emission avoided
5. People Reached: 2.5 Million people reached with our life saving products.

We believe in the pursuit of doing good

We have always believed Kukula Solar should have a positive impact on the communities we serve. One person, our life changing product and one village at a time. It is our vision that together we will elevate our partners, customers, suppliers and communities to create positive change in the areas where we can make the biggest impact:  Leading in sustainability: Our aspirations is to become resource positive, giving more than we take from the planet by storing more carbon than we emit.  Strengthening communities: We seek to support last mile communities to be more resilient while building thriving communities one tech enabled life changing product at a time.  Creating opportunities: We invest in pathways to opportunity through empowering of youths and women by training and employing them as change leaders. Once they join us, we help build


Our Solarpreneurs who are trained as Change Leaders to their own people and communities make it possible for everyone regardless of their income to transition successfully to cleaner and better source of lighting, cooking and farming. They make our work easy as they are the contact point between Kukula Solar and customers of our product

205 + SOLARPRENUERS IN 2 COUNTRIES. Zambia and Malawi

Kukula Solar has received donations from a number of foundations and organizations

our partners

Our employees, who we call partners, are at the heart of the Kukula Experience. We offer comprehensive health coverage for all full- and part-time partners, a
pension contribution and the opportunity to advance their education through
college and professional development

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